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B i o g r a p h y

Fearless is a Power Metal band from the city of Juiz de Fora, Brazil, that blends the speed, strength and heaviness of Metal with epic symphonic arrangements, catchy celtic folk melodies and immersive storytelling. Meticulous musicianship, theatrical aesthetics and creative songwriting gave the band thousands of loyal fans as soon as it was formed in 2011.


The group has just finished the production of Chronicles Of Ancient Wisdom, their 12 track debut album, having as a special guest the british actor David McAlister (Doctor Who, The Golden Hour, etc) doing engaging narrations and dialogues. Currently Fearless is negotiating for a worldwide release of the record, followed by a live tour. Meanwhile they already work on the pre-production of their second full length album, while still performing locally.


Since the release of their 4 track EP Ancient Wisdom, signed by the italian label Heart Of Steel Records in 2013, the band got worldwide recognition by the specialized media and by other artists. Among lots of positive reviews, the performance of the lead singer Dan Vasc earned him an invite to appear as a special guest on Christopher Lee's metal project Charlemagne: The Omens Of Death. The conceptual album was released at the same year with the participation of Dan as the character Oliver.


Taking advantage of the good publicity, the band quickly went to studio to start the recordings of their full length album and soon released the single Tale With No End, setting up high expectations by the fans for the complete project. Now, as soon as their debut album is released, Fearless plans to enter the studio once again to give continuity to their work, recording their second full length album.


Dan Vasc - Vocals

Davi Vasc - Guitars

Gabriel Belozi - Guitars

Giovanni Rezende - Drums

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